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Distaclor MR
375mg Tablet

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Description of Ceclor

Ceclor or generic Cefaclor is an antibiotic that may be prescribed to treat bacterial infections of the throat, ear, sinuses, lungs, urinary tract, and skin. If there is a chance that your infection may be from a virus, your doctor may still recommend taking Ceclor while you are waiting for test results to confirm whether your condition is bacterial or not. If after taking Ceclor for 7 days and there is no improvement, it is probably a virus and there is no cure for most viral infections so you can stop taking it. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

How Does Ceclor Work?

When taken as directed, Ceclor blocks the action of the enzymes that make an essential part of most bacterial cell walls, called peptidoglycan. Bacteria depend on their cell walls for protection as it needs to maintain the cell’s shape and integrity due to the osmotic pressure in your body. Without the right ingredients, cell walls will burst and the bacteria cannot survive. It’s important to take Ceclor or other antibiotics for the specified time prescribed by your doctor to be certain all of the bacteria have been affected.

Conditions Treated by Ceclor

Strep throat is more of a problem with children than it is with adults. It is very contagious and usually passed by direct contact when an infected person coughs, spits while talking, or nasal secretions that are wiped onto clothing, surfaces, or toys and then handled by others. Hand washing is not generally a priority with kids unless you are on them every second.

The main objective for treating strep throat is to ease the symptoms by killing the bacteria, but also to reduce the risk of rheumatic fever, a harmful after effect of strep throat that could occur if it is not treated at all. The symptoms of rheumatic fever can begin within 5 weeks after strep throat and can cause a fever, rash, joint pains, and occasionally brain or heart problems.

Before Ceclor is Prescribed

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding, check with your doctor before taking Ceclor to find out if it could be harmful to your unborn or nursing baby. Discuss other medical conditions or drug allergies with your doctor and list any OTC or Rx drugs you currently take or use, including complementary and alternative medicine. This will help your doctor determine if Ceclor is the right med for you.

Proper Use of Ceclor

Ceclor should be kept out of children’s reach and never share Ceclor, or any medication prescribed to you, even if that person has the same symptoms. Until you know how Ceclor will affect you, avoid driving or performing any task that could be unsafe if you are not attentive or clear-headed.

Possible Side Effects of Ceclor

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Mild skin rash
  • Nausea/vomiting

If you experience difficulty breathing or swelling of your throat, tongue, face, or lips, seek medical help immediately.