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Oralair (Grass Pollen Allergen Extract)

Oralair (Grass Pollen Allergen Extract)

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300 IR Tablet (Orally Disintegrating)

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ORALAIR (Grass Pollen Allergen Extract)

Oralair Description

What does grass pollen season mean to you? If it means sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and your nose dripping like a tap, talk to your doctor about Oralair. This is an oral Grass Pollen Allergen Extract pill that you simply put under your tongue and it melts fast. Oralair is the first allergy immunotherapy tablet formulated with 5 of the most common grasses in the USA, namely sweet vernal grass, orchard grass, perennial ryegrass, timothy grass, and Kentucky bluegrass. These are Northern grasses and are common in colder climates.

Be Prepared Ahead of Grass Allergy Season with Oralair

Oralair causes your immune system to become less sensitive to the effects of grass pollen. It’s recommended that you start taking Oralair 4 months before grass allergy season starts. Your first dose may be given in your doctor or allergists office while you are monitored for 30 minutes to be certain you will not experience any reaction to Oralair. Parents may prefer this method of treatment as opposed to an allergy shot for their young children. Oralair is approved for those 10 to 65 years of age.

More Than Just a Grass Allergy

Grass allergy season can depend on which grass pollen bothers you and where you live. Having allergies to grass pollen can also predispose certain people to oral allergy syndrome (OAS) from a cross reactivity between grass pollen and proteins in fresh fruit and veggies. This means that your grass allergy can cause food allergies to tomatoes, potatoes, melons, and peaches due to the association with fruit pollen. However, by cooking or processing these foods, the proteins are broken down and you’re able to eat them without any allergic reaction.

Before Oralair is Prescribed

Ask your doctor if there are risks from taking Oralair while you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies with your doctor to be certain Oralair is safe for you to take. List any OTC or Rx medications you currently take or use, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements to determine if Oralair is right for your situation.

Oralair Precautions and Proper Use

Do not give Oralair to children under the age of 10 years old or adults over 65. If you are scheduled for any dental procedures, stop taking Oralair until your mouth has completely healed. If you have gone longer than 1 week without taking Oralair, your doctor may recommend restarting under medical supervision in case of any negative reactions. If you have uncontrolled asthma, do not take Oralair as it could exacerbate your symptoms.

Possible Side Effects of Oralair

  • Cough
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth