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Renvela (Sevelamer Carbonate)

Renvela (Sevelamer Carbonate)

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800mg Tablet

(℞) Prescription required.

Generic equivalents for Renvela

Sevelamer Carbonate
800mg Tablet

(℞) Prescription required.

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Renvela Description

Renvela is a prescription medication specifically indicated to treat abnormally high serum phosphate levels in the body, a condition known as hyperphosphatemia. Hyperphosphatemia is a disturbance of your electrolytes that causes an elevated level of phosphate in your blood. This condition can be a result of chronic renal failure, low levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH), osteomalacia, and more commonly in malnourished individuals as a result of chronic alcoholism. High levels of phosphorus in the blood can lead to problems with the strength and structure of bones and increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Taken with Meals to Prevent Absorption of Phosphate in Your Diet

When taken as directed, Sevelamer Carbonate, the active ingredient in Renvela, works as a phosphate binder that controls phosphorous levels in people with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis. You take Renvela with meals where it binds to your dietary phosphate to prevent its absorption. Because Sevelamer Carbonate contains no calcium or metal and is not absorbed, you won’t have an accumulation build up in your body.

Kidney Dialysis and Renvela

If your kidneys are not filtering waste and fluids from your body due to chronic kidney disease, your body will have a difficult time maintaining a proper balance of fluids, minerals, and other substances. Regular dialysis, usually done as an out-patient procedure, can help to rid your body of excess waste products from your blood. Dialysis is the artificial replacement for lost kidney function (renal replacement therapy). Chronic Kidney disease is manageable with regular dialysis and medication such as Renvela.

Before Renvela is Prescribed

You should not take Renvela or generic Sevelamer Carbonate if you have a history of bowel obstruction. Explain other medical conditions or allergies you have and list all OTC and Rx drugs you currently take or use, including herbal or vitamin supplements to determine if Renvela is safe for you to take. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Renvela Precautions and Proper Use

Ask your physician if Renvela may be harmful if taken while pregnant or nursing your baby. Advise your doctor if you have any swallowing difficulties, stomach or intestinal disorder, severe constipation, recent stomach or intestinal surgery as Renvela may not be the right Rx for you. Keep Renvela out of children’s reach and do not share any drugs prescribed to you.

Possible Side Effects of Renvela

  • Diarrhea or mild constipation
  • Upset stomach
  • Feeling tired
  • Joint pain
  • Itching