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Stribild (Emtricitabine / Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate / Cobicistat / Elvitegravir)

Stribild (Emtricitabine / Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate / Cobicistat / Elvitegravir)

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Stribild -1 Pill, 4 Active Ingredients

Stribild is a complete human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) treatment regimen with one pill, once a day. This is because Stribild contains four drugs; Elvitegravir, Emtricitabine, and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate are active against the HIV virus, while Cobicistat works to boost the effectiveness of Elvitegravir.

The HIV virus is a retrovirus, which means that it has to have a host cell in order to copy its genetic material (RNA) into DNA and multiply. There is no cure for HIV, but Stribild can help to reduce the amount of virus in your body and lessen the risk of HIV developing into the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

How Stribild Can Help Lower Your Viral Load

Elvitegravir is an integrase inhibitor that targets the viral enzyme called integrase and interferes with the integration of the viral genetic material into DNA so it cannot replicate itself and form new viruses. Emtricitabine and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors that work by hindering the enzyme, called reverse transcriptase, in order to cause a chain termination to disable their ability to copy their own viral RNA into DNA prior to combining with a host cell.

Conditions Treated with Stribild

Once exposed to the human immunodeficiency virus, usually from sharing needles, having unprotected sex, or through infected blood or saliva, it searches for cells in your body that have a protein on their surface called CD4 receptors. This protein enables the virus to bind to the cell and hide its own DNA in the cell’s DNA so as the cell multiplies it is creating new viruses that find another cell to hi-jack and continue on.

Your doctor can prescribe Stribild to reduce the amount of the HIV that is in your blood, referred to as your viral load. Taking one Stribild tablet, once daily will make it easier for you to take your HIV drugs as directed instead of swallowing four or more different pills at a time.

Before Stribild is Prescribed

Tell your doctor if you are taking other HIV drugs as Stribild is a complete treatment and should be taken as your only HIV medication. Discuss other medical conditions and allergies you have and list any OTC and Rx medicine you currently take, including dietary and vitamin supplements or herbal remedies. This allows your doctor to determine if it is safe to take Stribild with your other medications or if some drug or dosage changes may be required.

You should use contraception to avoid becoming pregnant and only take Stribild during a pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks. You should only use formula to bottle feed your baby as Stribild passes into breast milk. Stribild will not protect you from infecting others so use caution.

Stribild Precautions

Stribild’s safety and efficacy have not been confirmed, nor has it been approved, for treating hepatitis B virus in those also undergoing treatment for HIV. Ask your doctor before adding any over the counter or complementary drugs to your HIV regimen so you are certain the combination is not harmful to you. You should not drive, operate machinery, or perform any tasks that are considered unsafe until you know how Stribild will affect you.

Possible Side Effects of Stribild

  • Headache
  • Abnormal dreams
  • Nausea