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Stromectol (Ivermectin)

Stromectol (Ivermectin)

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3mg Tablet

(℞) Prescription required.

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12 mg Tablet

(℞) Prescription required.

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About Stromectol

Stromectol is an effective anti-parasitic drug prescribed to treat strongyloidiasis that has not spread. This infection is caused by a type of roundworm (threadworm) that is mainly found in the soil of tropical and subtropical climates. Strongyloids stercoralis can live in the soil and be quite content to grow and reproduce and do not require a host to survive. However, a person walking through infected soil may end up with this parasite penetrating through the skin on their foot or infection could occur from eating food taken from infected soil and not prepared properly.

Once the worms end up in your stomach, they move to your small intestine where they lay eggs and hatch to become larvae. These larvae can be expelled through your feces or penetrate the perianal skin or burrow into the intestinal wall. This is called an auto-infection and you may require treatment for a long period of time should your infection turn into a hyper-infection.

Target and Kill the Adult Parasites

Stromectol or Ivermectin generic targets only the adult worms and causes a disruption of their nerve impulses. This action causes paralysis and eventual death of the adult worms. Repeated treatments are needed to kill new adults as the larvae grow. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Conditions Treated by Stromectol

Stromectol is also beneficial to treat onchocerciasis, also known as River Blindness that is caused by the parasitic worm Onchocerca volvulus. This infection is transmitted through repeated bites from the Simulium genus of blackflies which live and breed near fast-flowing streams and rivers and can cause blindness. As the larvae grow, the female worms hide out in fibrous nodules under your skin and the males stay close by. Because the worms are encased in nodules, your immune system is not alerted and even the larvae can travel relatively safe from any immune response.

Symptoms such as itchy skin rashes, lumps under your skin, and changes in your vision cause inflammation as the larvae die and this can result in lesions on your cornea from the larvae that have found their way to your eyes. Damage to your eyesight can be permanent without treatment.

Before Stromectol is Prescribed

Your doctor may discuss the benefits and risks of taking Stromectol while you are pregnant and suggest birth control so you do not become pregnant during the treatment period as well as advise that you bottle feed your newborn until your situation improves. Tell your doctor about other medical conditions or allergies you have and any OTC or Rx meds you take, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements, so it can be determined of Stromectol is right for you.

Stromectol Precautions

Do not drive, operate machinery, or perform any tasks that could result in an injury until you know how your body will react to Stromectol. Consuming alcohol, hot weather, or exercise can increase the intensity of some side effects known to Stromectol. Do not skip any doctor or lab appointments because monitoring your progress is important to determine whether Stromectol is working for you. There are very few human recommended drugs that contain Ivermectin. Stromectol is prescribed as a first-line treatment for strongyloidiasis.

Possible Side Effects of Stromectol

  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea