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Suprax (Cefixime)

Suprax (Cefixime)

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Suprax Description

Suprax and its generic alternative called Cefixime may be prescribed to treat bacterial infections such as strep throat, tonsillitis, urinary tract infections and skin infections. It is important that you take Suprax as directed and for as long as recommended by your doctor, regardless of whether you begin feeling better after a few days. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

How Cephalosporin Drugs Work

Suprax is a cephalosporin drug that works by hampering the bacteria’s ability to form cell walls by blocking the activity of the enzymes the bacteria need as a major component of the cell walls. Strong, stable cell walls are vital for preventing unwanted substances from getting in and stopping the contents from leaking out. Once the bond that holds the cell wall intact has been affected by Suprax, holes will appear and the bacteria die.

If you stop taking Suprax too soon, any bacteria that have attained moderate resistance to cephalosporin drugs could survive and breed with each other mutate to create antibiotic-resistant bacteria that could be harder to kill.

Conditions Treated by Suprax

Strep throat is a painful infection that can cause redness and swelling in your throat, making it difficult to swallow. There will be visible white patches on the back of your throat and tonsils (if you still have them). This is a contagious condition that be contracted from contact with an infected individual.

Other infections that are treated with Suprax include; bacterial urinary tract infections can cause frequent urination and a burning sensation when urinating. UTI infections are not contagious but it is important to receive treatment before the infection spreads; staphylococcus aureus is a group of bacteria that causes many common diseases either due to direct infection or from the toxins produced by the bacteria. Impetigo, cellulitis, and folliculitis are the most common staph infections.

Impetigo is most often found around the nose and mouth area where blisters appear. This is very contagious so hand washing is important; cellulitis infects the layer of tissue just below the skin’s surface and most commonly affects the face, arms, or lower legs. This infection is not contagious. Barber’s itch, razor bumps, and hot tub rash all point to folliculitis. This causes itchy, white bumps filled with pus in the hair follicles where bacteria can find their way in to cause an infection, which is also not contagious.

Before You Take Suprax

Ask your doctor if Suprax is safe to take if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Certain medications, herbal preparations, and dietary supplements can change or affect how Suprax will react in your body so tell your doctor about all OTC and Rx drugs you are taking. Discuss your medical history with your doctor so you can be sure Suprax is the right medicine for your situation.

Proper Use of Suprax

Suprax may be prescribed to treat a variety of bacterial infections, but it will not be effective against viral infections, such as cold and flu. Until you know how your body will react to taking Suprax, do not drive or take part in any activities that requires you to be alert. Keep all meds in a safe place that is out of children’s reach and never share your medications with anyone.

Possible Side Effects of Suprax

  • Diarrhea or loose stool
  • Stomach pain
  • Dizziness