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Ultravate Ointment (Halobetasol Propionate)

Ultravate Ointment (Halobetasol Propionate)

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Ultravate Ointment
0.05% Ointment

(℞) Prescription required.

Generic equivalents for Ultravate Ointment

Halobetasol Propionate
0.05% Ointment

(℞) Prescription required.

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Ultravate Ointment Description

There’s a solution to your problems with skin allergies, eczema, or severe psoriasis, and it’s called Ultravate Ointment. This is a very potent topical corticosteroid product you can apply to the affected area on your skin to help reduce the inflammation and itching so you can enjoy some relief. Corticosteroids are not the same as anabolic steroids that athletes or body builders might take to enhance their performance.

Ultravate Ointment or generic Halobetasol Propionate can be prescribed to treat a flare-up of eczema or psoriasis to reduce the inflammation but is not a cure. Other skin allergies can also benefit from Ultravate Ointment as long as the skin is not broken or there is any infection that has not been treated yet. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Calm the Symptoms of Skin Allergies and Other Skin Conditions

When applied as directed, the active ingredient is absorbed into your skin cells and targets the enzymes that are responsible for producing prostaglandins. These hormones are unique in that they are not secreted like most hormones, but are created at the site of the injury when signaled. Prostaglandins are responsible for causing inflammation as part of their healing process. Inflammation can become a vicious cycle as it will create more inflammation in response. So while you are still able to heal, the chemicals that cause redness, swelling, pain, and inflammation are kept at bay.

Conditions Treated by Ultravate Ointment

Eczema can be triggered by detergents, soaps, jewelry, or other materials that you have had direct contact with, but also environmental allergens, including smoke and fumes. The latest information regarding what causes eczema appears to be that there is an abnormality with the skin barrier that allows toxins and allergens to enter the epidermis and cause a reaction.

Psoriasis is thought to be an autoimmune disease that causes your body to alter the cycle of your skin cell production and creates a build-up of old cells that have not sloughed off yet as new ones are pushing forward and results in the raised, red patch of skin. Both of these skin conditions can go into remission, but there is no cure. Topical corticosteroids such as Ultravate Ointment are usually the first-line treatment recommended by dermatologists.

Before Ultravate Ointment is Applied

If you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are breast feeding, ask your doctor if Ultravate Ointment is safe for you. Tell your doctor about other medical conditions or allergies you have and list all current OTC or Rx drugs you take or use, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements to determine if Ultravate Ointment is right for you.

Ultravate Ointment Precautions and Proper Use

You should only apply Ultravate Ointment for the time period recommended by your doctor due to the risk of thinning skin. Do not cover the treated area as this can intensify the potency of generic Halobetasol Propionate or brand and increase the risk of side effects. Talk to your skin specialist about a less potent corticosteroid that can be applied as a maintenance treatment. Do not share this or any of your medications with others.

Possible Side Effects of Ultravate Ointment

  • Mild Burning sensation upon application
  • Increased redness
  • Skin rash
  • Itching